10-day Vegan Detox Diet (Days 1-3)

The next few posts will be slightly different from my usual ones.  I’m doing a 10-day vegan detox and thought it would be fun to post the menu and recipes I’m following and how I’m feeling.  The detox program is led by Linda Petursdottir (http://simplewellbeing.com/).  Please visit her site for more information.

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Yemiser W’et (Ethiopian Red Lentils)

This is a nice and spicy lentil dish.  The original recipe called for brown lentils, but I substituted red ones instead.  You can adjust the spiciness by adding more/less of the berbere and paprika.

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Atar Allecha (Ethiopian Split Peas)

I know a lot of people who get this look of distaste on their faces when you mention “split pea,” but I’m convinced it’s because they haven’t had them cooked a good way.  This is one of my favorite ways to make split peas, because its creamy and heavily spiced.  It tastes even better when you have it with the injera because the wetness soaks into it.

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Ethiopian dinner

When we were in college, there was this really good Ethiopian restaurant that we used to go.  I love the bread they serve with the food called injera.  It’s made from teff flour and is soft and slightly sour.  Luckily, we have an Ethiopian grocery store near us, so I picked up ready made injera from them.  I heated it right before we sat down to eat by giving it a quick steam (2-3 min).  Other than the injera, the menu was (please forgive misspellings):

Yetakelt W’et (vegetable stew)– left most item

Ye’abesha Gomen (collard greens)– right to the vegetable stew

Atar Allecha (split peas)– above the collard greens

Yemiser W’et (red lentil)– right of the split peas

Cucumber Tomato Salad– this is not Ethiopian.  It’s just cucumbers, tomatoes, and coriander chopped fine with salt and pepper.

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