Cream Cheese Pesto Mummy

Pesto Mummy

I totally forgot to post this last week when I made it for Halloween, but it’s a festive appetizer that tastes good and looks cute!  I’m posting this for the idea since there’s no real recipe- you can substitute anything for the pesto (herbs, sundried tomato paste, your favorite dip, etc.)  The only special equipment I used was an decorating bag and flat decorating tip to get the mummy wrap effect.


8 oz cream cheese, room temperature
2 tbsp pesto
2 black peppercorns


1.  In a small bowl, mix half of the cream cheese with the pesto until it looks uniform.  On your serving plate, use a butter knife or small spoon to form the shape of a person with the pesto cream cheese (photo on the left).  It doesn’t have to be perfect since the decorating will cover it up.

2.  Fill the remaining plain cream cheese in a decorating bag fitted with a flat decorating tip.  Pipe strips all over the person at random, using long and short strips.  Once you have covered up the pesto and it looks mummy-like, finish by placing the 2 black peppercorns on the head to make the mummy’s eyes.

3.  Serve with your choice of chips, pretzels, veggies, etc.


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