10-day Vegan Detox Diet (Days 8-10)

This post is my menu for Days 8-10 of a 10-day vegan detox program led by Linda Petursdottir (http://simplewellbeing.com/).  Please visit her site for more information.  Day 7 was leftover day, so I skipped posting it.  So far, so good for the detox!  I can’t believe it’s the last few days…  As I’m posting this, I actually think I’m going to continue for another week!  I can definitely see a difference in sleep and energy levels.  Also, even more than physical things, I’m noticing the role certain foods played.  It actually a great exercise in stopping to think about something you usually take for granted- what you put in you as fuel.  As I mentioned in the previous posts, I’m keeping the same menu for 2-3 days at a time, so here are my next 3 days!

Vegan Detox Diet (Days 8-10)

Wake-up: 8 oz water with 1 tbsp lemon juice + pinch of cayenne, 8 oz water with 1 tbsp chia seeds

Breakfast: Gluten free blueberry peach muffins

Morning Snack: broccoli and cauliflower+ hummus

Lunch: Pumpkin Chili, Green Juice (from Puree Juice Bar)

Afternoon Snack: Kale ChipsChocolate Chia Pudding

Dinner: Mixed Daal Dosa, 5-bean Salad (I used sprouted beans and eliminated the corn)

Before bed: Chamomile tea, Detox tea (if I can find one that sounds good)

Anytime: water, herbal tea, noori, mixed nuts (if I get hungry)


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