Mint Limeade

A couple years ago we went to visit our friends in Egypt.  While we were there, they made this really refreshing mint limeade drink.  Although we’ve tried to make it a few times, it never tasted quite the same- it always had a slightly bitter taste.  Anyhow, I was grocery shopping yesterday and key limes were on sale, so I picked up a bag. This was the first time I tried key limes with this drink, and it worked!  I think the main difference is that the small key limes have really thin skin, whereas the regular limes have thicker skins.  We didn’t have mint at home, so I didn’t add any today, but I included it in the recipe since it tastes good blended into the drink.


14 small key limes
1/2 cup fresh mint
4 cups water
1 cup sugar
1 cup crushed ice (or more if you want it more dilute)
mint leaves (optional, for garnishing)


1.  Cut the limes in half and remove the seeds.

2.  Place the limes and mint in a blender with 3 cups of water.  Blend until all the pieces are gone.

3.  In a large pitcher, mix the sugar and remaining water until the sugar is dissolved.

4.  Pour the lime mixture through a strainer / colander with big holes.  Let it sit until all the liquid passes through (do not press or stir- it will make it bitter!).

5.  Add the lime mix and crushed ice to the pitcher and mix well.

6.  Serve cold with a few mint leaves on top.



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