“Ginger Thins” Napoleon

I figured it would be fitting to make my first recipe post the image I have in my header.  This dessert came about because it was my Dad’s birthday and I was looking for something quick & easy and egg-less.

I made two versions: Almond Mocha, and Peaches & Cream (based on what I had in the house).  Feel free to experiment with cream flavors and fillings!

Almond Mocha Ginger Stack


1 package ginger thins (I used Anna’s Ginger Thins- original flavor)
¼ cup crushed almonds (I stuck whole almonds in the food processor for a few seconds)
1 pint whipping cream
2 tbsp sugar (adjust to your taste, I tend to make things on the less sweet side)
4 packages of Whip-It
1 tbsp chocolate syrup, plus some to drizzle on top
1 tbsp instant coffee dissolved in 1 tbsp hot water (let it come to room temp before adding)


1.  To make the cream: blend the whipping cream, sugar, Whip-It, chocolate syrup, and instant coffee with an electric beater on low/medium speed until it becomes VERY stiff (meaning you lift the blades and the cream doesn’t fall).  Refrigerate until ready to use- you can make this a couple days before if you need to.

2.  Make serving boards (or you can use side plates): I cut the Anna’s box into squares about 1 inch bigger than the ginger thins and wrapped them in foil.

3.  To make the dessert: Put a small dab of icing on the foil to keep the stack in place, then start layering.  Layer 1: ginger thin.  Layer 2: spread a small amount of the cream.  Layer 3: sprinkle crushed almonds.  Repeat Layers 1-3 as many times as you want (I did 4 layers).  After the last almond sprinkling, place one more ginger thin on top.  Then cover the whole stack (top and sides) with cream.

4.  Topping:  I drizzled chocolate syrup on top and then sprinkled the remaining crushed almonds, a whole almond, and some desiccated coconut.  However, you can top it whichever way you like!

5.  Refrigerate the stack for at least an hour (this lets the ginger thins soak up some of the moisture and become cakey).  Serve cold!

Peaches & Cream Ginger Stack

Same as above, but make the following substitutions:

Anna’s orange flavor ginger thins instead of original flavor
Very finely chopped peaches (drained well) instead of crushed almonds
1 tbsp vanilla extract instead of the coffee and chocolate

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